1st Blogging, again

Ok, so I met my supervisors this Friday after submitting two pieces of writing, one is a literature review of two concepts, and the other one is the rationale of my newly narrowed research topic. I feel dizzy now but I don’t know why! It’s was a nice meeting and I totally accepted their feedback.  The next month is to redraft, and most importantly, to focus on “who, how, what could do” for the research. It doesn’t seem to be the heavy workload. But the tricky one is, need to nail the “who”. I am really not confident about studying whom. It seems there are lots of possibilities along with lots of problems to be carefully deal with. Any group would be interesting to study, but can I make it realistic? That’s the issue.

Alright, so, what’s about this blog? From my senior high school, I wrote blogs for nearly 5 years. This blog is my PhD learning journey. I would take it as an opportunity to record my learning experience. In my postgraduate period in Edinburgh, I have learned that it’s actually a good practice of reflection. I hope, from this unstructured informal blogging, I can record my experience for the following years.


I feel bad about the past days. I failed to make my days efficient, compared to my days at consultancy. So slow and unproductive. I am not sure about why, perhaps I could not focus. But I think, the main thing is that I didn’t have a clear clue. I am that kind of person, if I don’t have a clue or direction, I would get lost and wouldn’t want to do anything. True, research topic need to narrow down first, otherwise I would feel like I am writhing rubbish for no reason.


So what about lunch? Lunch is just daily thing for our survivals. But, it has become meaningful since we some students gather together to have conversation every Wednesday. Thanks for making it happen, guys. So far, I attended three lunch meetings. There’s so much to explore: intercultural communications and language teaching, inclusion and diversity, children and parenting, stress of study, examination design and curriculum, learning outcomes and expectation, etc. What I really like about this group is, all of them are concerning the children and education, truly. Not just simply care about the study or their future career. I will keep update the inspiration of the lunch meetings in the future. Love the funny topic.

Waiheke Island

Thank you Danny for going to Waiheke Island with me. You made my day so pleasant. It’s totally a relax.Still, it’s a shame that we didn’t bring swimming trunks, sunglasses and sun protection. Cannot make the most of it. The view, the sun, the beach, the blue sky did keep me away from the office and the stress.


Café is a great place to relax. No one would deny it. You can observe different people. Yes, I am using the word ‘observe’. Sometimes I feel English the language is a bit plain. ‘Nice people’ seems to be the only way to describe people whom we meet for the first time. But people actually are judging each other silently deep inside their hearts. You, me, everyone.

You need to spend money at the café. So as for money and price, how people actually view the price? What is good price? Yes. We all know that it is very personal. It depends on your values on money. It also about sense of security and, I don’t know. But indeed, social status matters, as always.


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