My middle/ high school experience

I am not going to review or criticise the schooling in CHN. I just wanna say sth about my experience.

‘Key’ matters

‘Key’ matters. It represents a higher possibility of high scores and greater hope of the ‘key universities’ admission.

As you known, high school in China is crazy, especially the ‘key class in the key high school’. From my second year of middle school, where ppl name it Year 8 in the western system, I was classified into one of the ‘key classes’ until graduation (Year 9). Entreing a ‘key high school’, nothing changed. Still, in the first year (Year 10), all classes are the same. But classification of students would be done for 2nd and 3rd year (Year 11 & 12). I was lucky enough to secure a position in a ‘key class’. But that’s not the end. The position is not fixed… If your performance gets worse, you would be assigned to the ‘normal class’ again. Vice versa, you can be upgraded to a ‘key class’ if you are good enough.

Yes, you are right, ‘key classes’ are equipped with the best teachers, and the whole learning pace is much faster rather than other normal class. When ‘the normal classes’ has finished 5 math units, for example, ‘the key classes’ have already done 7 units. Everyone is trained to be extremely intensive, competitive, and concentrated to survive in school。

Bullying issue? No time for it.

When I mentioned ‘no time for bullying’, Please don’t misunderstand. I was not going to say that ‘no time to deal with it’, instead, students have no time to think or behave bullying. We only aim at an ideal university’s admission, higher score, and a possible bright future that the scores lead to. Students are rather collaborative to help each other to tackle the exercise questions. Really, students with hopes and students with less hopes in my school, are typically classified by scores. True, it’s cruel and sad. But as my mum says, when u know how to survive in the intensive academic environment in high school, u would know how to survive in the future society. Every society has its cruel rules.

That’s why, bully is never an issue happening in the school. So when I went to UK and here in NZ, I, at the first time, was surprised that bullying can be a big issue in western culture. From my point of view, bullying issue might be the result of the classifications among students, ‘Cool kids’ and ‘nerds’. I may wanna share more of my thinking in the future blogs.

Emmmm, schooling, such a big topic, I may leave it later to discuss more…


One thought on “My middle/ high school experience

  1. ah! I didn’t experienced bullying at school, but loads of kindly teasing about my tomboy looking. I stayed in ‘key classes’ all my school years, and finally I became a boring nerd, GREAT!
    I agree, no time for bullying at least in the key class, and we didn’t or teachers discouraged us to make friends with students ifrom ordinary classes, who might be potential bullies. It was in Uni I gradually learned how to socialize and get along with people, and I think I’m coping fine with the world.

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