Procrastination and time management

I would definitely wanna find my state of crazy learning in high school and undergrad. Only aiming for one thing, going/running for it. Passion and enthusiasm. But now? Kind of hard…

I am studying mobile tech and learning. Literature reveals that tech cannot lead to learning outcomes, where pedagogical practices matters. Tech can engage and motivate learners. But, seriously, as a learner, I sometimes doubt it!!!

I find it hard to concentrate. So many temptations!!! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Sina Weibo, emails, webs… SO MUCH! So distracting! I used to be a very good self-directed/self-regulated learner. But after these 6 monthes here back in Uni from work, I find it hard for me… I have been asking myself why. Lack of passion? No. I like my topic? Lack of support? No, I like my supervisors and colleagues. Lack of what? Directions? Perhaps… It’s easy to randomly pick up a phd student and find him/her also slow and confusing… this process, locating a good topic or question, is not easy. I kind of envy my friend in the medical science faculty, who just follow the whole research group, just work. But I also sometimes think that, what I am doing now, is a good chance to see whom I wanna be in the future. I am glad that, after the reading, I have lots of ideas for post doc… but, come on, I just need a good research question at this moment.

Speaking of the slow pace, I cannot avoid mentioning procrastination. Some workshops recommend the time management things, e.g. pomodoro technique. But I was not quite sure about that… Lots ppl say they plan well but execute badly. Me too. LOL. Maybe I need good stimulations. Well, this can be a good research topic, guys. Procrastination, time management, plan, execution.

Anyway, I tried an iOS app two weeks ago. Nice, I think it’s helping me. The app is a combination of pomodoro technique, GTD, gamification, storytelling, and data visualisation. The app uses gamification and storytelling to ‘seduce’ you to get more ‘pomodoro’. The visualisation of learning analytics does help me realise how much time I spend on my work. Ppl always don’t compare to others. LOL, but you need to compare to yourself! I am using it, and I feel guilty for not having enough pomodoro a day.


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