23 Things for Research. Thing 5

This ‘thing’, is about news feed. I have never use this function/tool before, even I heard of it, because I am used to log in different platform to check the updates. It seems a bit old-fashioned comparing to the feed. So I tried. I tried Feedly this time. It actually really helpful for me to organise the blogs within this community of 23 Things for Research. The task that I am trying to address here is:

How do you organise your online reading? Do you have a bookmarks system or routine, or do you fit your reading into the margins of work / study / life?

As I mentioned, I prefer to simply use websites/apps (e.g. BBC/CNN/Southern Weekly/Phoenix etc.) to browse news and read. My online reading currently focuses on news and tech for leisure. I find this approach can help me to identify the position that different media holds, helping me to get a feel of how media interpret and discuss a same social issue, e.g. the HK Occupy Central issue nowadays.

I do have a bookmarks systems for my leisure readings, based on the theme, such as Tech, News, SNS, Jobs, Academic etc. For my current Feedly trial, I copy paste all the blogs under a category named ’23 Things’. I find it really helpful as I can easily follow blogs from different platforms, e.g. Blogger. I will take it as similar as the SNS management platform, such as Hootsuite. But I do not like fitting my reading into the margins of work/study/life as I reckon that blog is the much deeper expression form/style than SNS, which requires more time to read and get engage. So I personally prefer to do it in a relatively long time, maybe an hour or more.

Anyway, I will try checking Feedly this week and see if it is good for me. Thanks for the recommendation!


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