Position? Emotion?

I have been thinking to write something about this for long. It was inspired from a conversation with a friend, when we were discussing someone’s research on citizenship and politics. I, on that day, felt not comfortable when a classic pic of tankman was shown again and was used as an elicitation for introduction. Yes, it’s still a forbidden and sensitive topic in the dragon’s home. I am aware of the issue, I am aware of the need to fight for rights like people before. I am aware of my responsibility to stand. I am aware of the need to criticise the society and authorities. I am aware of my responsibility to be true to the deep of our heart. But what I really concern is, what was the reality? What really happened? Until now, no one can tell the true story behind. I watched some interviews and documentaries before. But it is easy to find that, no one was telling the absolute truth. Lies, assumptions, fears, desires, bias, feelings, angers, self-interests……all were mixed in the middle of the individual perceptions from people involved. They may be students, officials, victims, journalists, or someone sitting in front of a telly. Capturing all these may present a huge picture, but what about the confusions and the truth? You may still find facts and evidences, but media nowadays mostly has its own positions (believe or not, after all, all reports are produced by human), some parts of facts or evidences are exposed time after time, and are exaggerated to some extent. This is dangerous, because the other parts of facts or evidences could be drowned out, and ordinary people may simply ignore it. Sympathy goes to the side of tears.

I was born in the same year of that issue, I don’t know much about it. That’s why I keep trying to keep distance, be an outsider, listen, observe, and hope I can realise what it really means to me, and perhaps pick my side or position one day. It is easy to pick a position, because it is driven by emotions, your instinct feelings. But when it comes to research, emotions, I reckon, is very tricky. I am fine about doing research with position, but I do not support research with emotions. They may not be critical enough to discuss the whole thing, and points can become tendentious. Till now, I cannot choose my position, which makes me prefer to carefully see all arguments. The more I read, the more I feel uncomfortable. I see more written emotions than rational analysis. I see more written attacks than powerful points. I started to question myself, is a position for me is necessary? I find it can be too simple. Picking position doesn’t matter, and changing position doesn’t matter. To me, I just wanna keep my eye opened, keep my ear listened, “keep calm and carry on”.


5 thoughts on “Position? Emotion?

  1. It’s interesting, j, that you are wanting to separate your position – objectively – and your emotions. Yet what seems to have prompted this reflection is that your were “feeling uncomfortable”, ie you were letting your emotions guide you to some that needed more careful thinking about. Perhaps the ‘problem’ is that we don’t listen to our emotions enough, we let them rule us instead of trying to see where they came from and why.

    • Really nice point!!! Thanks for your comment, Suzanne. I wanted to put one one thing at the very end, which is very close to yours: “…but we are not robots, we are humans, it is impossible to move out emotions, whether you are a researcher or non researcher…”. I really like your last comment about “to see where they came from and why”. That explains a lot. Thanks for the inspiration:))

  2. Love Suzzane’s comment. You need to be aware of WHO you are and be able to channel positive/negative energy/feelings/emotions. Why separate ‘yourself’ from research if the research process is coming out as part of who you are (and might not aware of)?

    • sth that is tricky is that it may bring up bias issue and reader may critique for the neutrality. Researchers, in my opinions, differ from journalists. Any way, it’s an interesting topic~~~ It could be the next research topic :)))

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