23 Things for Research. Thing 11

Even Thing 11 only requires us to share one presentation/video, I would like to share three videos here.

FIRST: How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

I like the topic which really draws attentions to potential audience. It is also very specific, proposing ‘learning language in six months’. Even I am not a big fan of any exaggerate commercial slogan, the topic still fits current ‘public taste of the fast food lifestyle fashion’. I have not tried his way to learn another language, but his examples, his principles, and his ways of persuading audience really impress me and inspire me to have it a try.

SECOND: McDonalds serveren op een Foodbeurs?

If you do not understand Dutch, please remember to select the subtitles before watching. This video is becoming popular online these days. It is funny indeed. But you may also start growing doubts towards all ‘recognised experts’. Are they really that good? Do they really matter to you? There’s a Chinese saying: “人靠衣装,佛靠金装”, which means ‘the tailor makes the man, and the gold makes the Buddha’. First impressions may make our judgment. So anyway, McDonald’s or fancy restaurant, I still prefer my mum’s cooking. That’s never lie to me.

THIRD: 20140620 超级演说家2 北大才女吐露心声 唤醒90后的社会责任

This is a pure Chinese presentation. No English substitute. This TV show, 超级演说家 as translated as Super Speaker, is an original Chinese show for speech competition. It is similar to X Factor, but I think it is much more useful to raise individual voice and give storytelling. This video was presented by a second-year postgraduate student at Peking University. Her topic focused on the awakening of 1990s generation’s social responsibilities. I like her spirits, I like her attitudes towards to society and life. “…I am not here to adjust the society, instead, I am here to change the society……When you complain what is happening, and then you should remind yourself, you will definitely not do the same things that they are doing……Do not become those adults that we hate…”


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