23 Things for Research. Things 14&15

Things 14&15 is about sharing a Creative Commons image. The image that I am sharing is a dramatic moment of the Cantonese Opera.



23 Things for Research. Thing 12


Please click the link above to access my slides. This slide was prepared for my CURRPD Seminar Day 27th Sept 2014. It was the very first draft of my research proposal. Some information is revised now, such as the research design section, which is different from this slide.

I used Prezi twice for my postgra teamwork presentation. It was cool to me. But in fact, to me, the more information in a Prezi slide, the more confusing the content would be. The zooming is quite annoying actually. As a reader, I sometimes find it hard to follow the path and catch the key ideas, especially when I read it online and try to finish it in a quick time. Not a big fan of it. In terms of SlideShare, this is my first time to use it. A traditional way seems to be good for presenting the content. But I would like it to be have the Slide Sorter function, presenting a whole picture of the slides.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that, public or private settings. When I was using Prezi around 2011-2012, free account user of Prezi cannot have the private settings thus all slides should be public. This was something quite sad to me. I, at that time, saw it as a good way to collaborate with my teammate and innovative way to create slide. However, we were in a competition with other teams which made privacy every important. Well, you know, we were all poor students. What we can do, is to give a strange name to the slide and to our accounts, making it difficult to search. When I used SlideShare, privacy setting works. This is why I am using it now.

Alrrrrrrrrrrrrright, THING 12 DONE.