23 Things for Research. Thing 16

This thing is about my process for managing references. When I was doing my master, I used Mendeley, a free tool, to organise my downloaded PDFs. I didn’t realise the function that inserting references into an MS WORD document, so I simply created another reference WORD document and typed manually. It was really…yeah…old-fashioned. Need to check between documents carefully.

I realise the university recommends RefWorks, but seriously, I do not really trust web-based tools. We all know the internet here in NZ is not very reliable.

From my first day of doctoral studies, I taught myself EndNote. The reasons that I chose EndNote are: (1) it is recommended by some of my friends, and reputation matters; (2) it is quiet easy to use based on the instruction; (3) the desktop software well syns with my iPad Endnote app, and I can access the article with iPad (of course, I need to download the PDF on my iPad); (4) the full text finder function with the proxy setting is great and save time; (5) I like how it works with WORD documents as I can keep checking the use of references in my writing, and the moment seeing how the reference list being generated is just so great. But, one thing that I am not really like is that all reference need to be rechecked as the formats from different databases vary, especially the use of capital letters. It has to be fixed manually not automatically.

I just revisited the Mendeley website, and found it getting more functional than before. It seems to be very confident to compare itself with other products, highlighting its advantages and future improvement. Looks like worth a try again. Since my research is already built on Endnote, I may try it in another piece of research. Free products are always welcome 🙂


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